How to Draw Fantastic Dinosaurs

Thunder Lizards!: How to Draw Fantastic Dinosaurs (Fantastic Fantasy Comics)
By Steve Miller

Think dinosaurs are kid stuff? Think again. Remember Walking with Dinosaurs, The Lost World and Jurassic Park? Everyone is fascinated with dinosaurs – and the more realistic, the better. Here at last is a dinosaur drawing book for adults, focusing on anatomy and encompassing the latest scientific research to show serious artists exactly how to draw the most realistic and compelling dinosaurs possible. THUNDER LIZARDS, the third instalment in the Fantastic Fantasy Characters series covers everything from the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex, to mega-dinosaur Argentinosaurus, to wiry Velociraptors, to plodding Apatosaurus. More than 50 dinosaurs in all including avian and aquatic kinds are illustrated in this book. Miller also adds tips on drawing dynamic dinosaur sequences. So many dinosaurs in one complete drawing book? It’s dino-mite!

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