Top 5 Videos of the Week
Friday 09 April
Ever wondered how dinosaurs had sex? No, me neither. But someone did, and we went and made a TV show about it. Here are some of our favourite bits.


1. Tyrannosaurus Sex: Dinosaur Sex Organs
No-one seems to be able to quite agree on what colour dinosaurs were, and the same goes for what their genitals were like. Watch on to find out what the boffins think.Related Links:- Watch more dinosaur videos 

2. Tyrannosaurus Sex: Dinosaur Penis
So we’re to assume male dinosaurs did have penises, and that some possibly had 12 feet long ones. Yikes.
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3. Tyrannosaurus Sex: Fight to the Death
If you’re the sort of person that’s inclined to look for a mate at your local discotheque, you’ll likely be familiar with the potential perils of trying to muscle on on someone’s partner. 68 million years ago, such conflicts would probably have been resolved with a sturdy bite to the face.
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4. Tyrannosaurus Sex: Heavyweight Courtship
In another ‘incredibly spooky’ parallel to human behaviour in night spots around the world, it seems our male cretaceous chums probably did a little dance to woo their female partners.
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5. Tyrannosaurus Sex: Titanosaur Mating
As the name suggests, titanosaurs were ridiculously huge. Find out here how such massive creatures could feasibly have mated.
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